Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sky-divers drop from blimp to demo Google Glass eyewear

7 hrs.

Google co-founder?Sergey Brin turned up at the I/O keynote in San Francisco Wednesday, and revealed that a trio of basejumpers were hanging out in a blimp overhead. Brin's instructions: Jump out of the airship, land on the roof of the Moscone Center, and deliver a box containing a pair of the augmented-reality?glasses.?

Because this didn't seem complicated enough, Brin asked for mountaineers to rappel down the walls of the center, then hand off the package to cyclists, who rode into the auditorium, as you can see in the video released late Wednesday:

It was a pretty crazy stunt, though one that didn't reveal much about Google Glass except that it stays on during extreme sports, will come in a variety of styles, and weighs less than a standard pair of sunglasses.

It was also revealed that Google will allow attendees of this week's conference to pre-order a version of Google Glass for $1,500. This model will be a rough edition, not the final product, and is intended for serious developers only.

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