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Battle of the Snoring Sexes - Women's health | Beauty

It is a common sight, seeing men and women argue endlessly about who does this or that better and faster. But when it comes to snoring, no one is in a hurry to claim superiority.

Here is the undeniable truth: both men and women snore. However, snoring tends to be more prevalent in men than in women. In fact, studies have shown that men snore twice as much as women do. What is the reason behind this?

One reason could be that alcohol intake is higher in men than in women. Alcohol has been known to loosen the throat and tongue muscles, thus increasing the possibilities of snoring. The same is true for smoking as the throat also becomes relaxed when exposed to smoke. Aside from exposure to smoke, smoking also leads to lung and nasal congestion, and these cause blockages or obstruction in the airways, eventually leading to snoring. Generally, men smoke more than women.

Alcohol and smoking aside, however, the higher rate of snoring among men can be blamed on anatomical factors. The air passages of men are naturally smaller than that of women. A smaller airway means a narrower passageway for air to pass through so that, during sleep, breathing becomes more difficult.

The position of the tongue also has a huge role when it comes to snoring. A tongue that is positioned incorrectly can become a breathing obstruction during sleep. Ideally, men?s jaws are designed to be more defined. As a result, their jaws tend to be smaller or narrower, giving not a lot of ?leg room? for the tongue. Cramped, the tongue would fall back and interferes with the normal breathing process. If you compare this with women?s jaws that tend to be recessed, the tongue is positioned more correctly, thus reducing the chances of snoring.

Women are as guilty of snoring as men. Hormonal levels can often be blamed for snoring in women. This is the reason why snoring often becomes more pronounced during pregnancy since the rise of their estrogen levels cause the soft tissues in their throat to swell. This swelling leads to snoring since it causes interference with the normal breathing process during sleep.

Women are also more prone to obesity than men, and obesity is known to be one of the underlying conditions that lead to snoring. Granted, men are also not impervious to being overweight. This is why it is important for everybody to take care of their bodies and their health, regardless of their gender.

Both men and women snore, and they could go on and on arguing who snores more often or louder. However, they are missing the point. They should look past the gender issues in relation to snoring and pay more attention on the causes, the risks, and the effects of their snoring problem. More than saving face, it might actually be what will save their lives.

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