Sunday, 1 July 2012

What?s Trending: Jobs Vs Gates Rap Battle, Respect Your Elders, Global Hip Hop Debate & More

After coming across this video for the week with over 11 million views so far, a Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates?battle was absolutely in order. For all the true Hip Hop heads, this video is out of your element, but watch anyways. Brought to you by the fake Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who are portrayed by Nice Peter and EpicLLYOD in the video for their Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2. Do you really think this video was worth 11 million views though? What do you think Bill Gates said when he saw this? You know he has definitely seen this by now.

And jumping back into the land of Twitter this week, if you didn?t notice, Hip Hop held the throne in the world of random hashtags with both #hiphopontrial and?#vshiphop for a good two days. At first what I thought to be a social reaction to Truth Minista Paul Scott?s article The Gentrification of Rap: Did Hip Hop Sell Us Out??which would have made my assumption right and would have complemented a great article for discussion. But these hashtags were actually birthed by a large discussion forum that was being held in London by Google and?Intelligence?Squared which basically created the first-ever global Hip Hop debate. Almost like our very own President State of Union Address, but really Hip Hop State of Union Address. I appreciate how they included the who world in this event.

Here?s a random one for you,#ICan?tDateYou. You try to make sense of this one as I can only imagine how many people actually participated. #ICantDateYou because nothing comes between me and Twitter, and that?s a promising relationship.

So on a more serious topic now, the bullying continues and this time it involves children bullying a 68 year-old Karen Klein. Karen was a school bus monitor, but it looks like she gave up that dream because as soon as this video went viral, people felt so bad for little old Karen and the donations started to flood in, summing up to close to $100k. Can you say vacation from all these badass kids? If you watch the video, which lasts a few seconds over 10 minutes, you?ll see the kids really going ?in on Karen. It was really disappointing how these kids could really sit there and just pick on an elderly lady like that for so long. If we can be honest for a quick second, I think I would have had to say something to them and that definitely wouldn?t have happened over the course of 10 minutes.

The reality of the matter is this, like racism I personally don?t believe it will ever go away. Bullying happens in the form of many ways and in many situations that doesn?t just have to involve children. Obviously, the children are doing it because they see it whether it?s in ?the media or from adults and as figures of influence we really need to step up to the plate when it comes to being good examples and positive role models of what?s right form wrong.



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