Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oshkosh Corp. awarded military contract for prototype lightweight vehicles

Oshkosh Corp. announced Thursday that the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded the company?s defense division a contract to produce 22 prototype lightweight tactical vehicles through the program that looks to replace the military?s aged Humvees.

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program seeks a Humvee replacement that's a ?lightweight vehicle that offers greater protection, mobility and transportability.?

?The JLTV program is critical to supporting our troops who stand in harm?s way and deserve the best equipment that industry can provide,? said John Urias, Oshkosh Corp. executive vice president and Oshkosh Defense president, in a news release. ?The Oshkosh JLTV solution will allow the Army and Marine Corps to provide unprecedented levels of protection and off-road mobility in a light vehicle, so that their troops can accomplish their missions and return home safely.?

Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK) will deliver the prototypes within a year and support government testing and evaluation. The Oshkosh prototype is ?fully tested, ready for initial production and meets or exceeds the requirements of the JLTV program,? the company said.

The Oshkosh prototype, called the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, or L-ATV, features an advanced crew protection system, can accept multiple armor configurations and includes a proprietary independent-suspension system to allow for faster speeds when driving off-road.

Jeff Engel is The Business Journal's reporter covering the manufacturing industry.

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