Saturday, 25 August 2012

Personal Finance Blog of the Week - The Krazy Coupon Lady ...

There?s nothing crazy about saving money, but it?s possible to go a little bit nuts with the coupons once you start?and that?s a good thing!

That?s why this week?s featured personal finance blog is, run by founders Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer. Wheeler and Demer got started simply by being young mothers trying to feed their families without breaking the bank.

Heather and Joanie say they were tired of shelling out $500 on groceries each month and wanted to cut that expense in half. So, both began clipping and ?stacking? their coupons; taking full advantage of any and all bargains to be had. Before long, they had more than met their goal and were walking out of the supermarket with sacks of free stuff.

On their site, the krazy coupon ladies offer a variety of store coupons and saving tips to who they call ?young coupon moms?. With that said, they?re quick to point out that, no matter who you are or how well you?re doing financially, saving money just makes good sense and over time adds up to a tidy sum you?ll be happy you never spent in the first place.

So check out Quizzle?s featured blog of the week: find out just how much you can save by going Krazy! is the easiest way to get a complete understanding of your credit. Visit to get your free credit report and score. No credit card or social security number necessary!


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