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How To Do Pedicure At Home ? Ways To Do Home Pedicures

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Mehods to home pedicureWith your shelves full of pretty sandals and gorgeous slippers, get a pedicure done to complement them by beautiful and attractive feet.

Pedicure is a technique to enhance the look of the nails and the feet. It is kind of a cosmetic treatment of toenails and feet which serves multiple purposes like medical, therapeutic and cosmetic. It also helps to avoid nail disorders and diseases.

It is very easy to get a pedicure done from the beauty salon near you, but everybody doesn?t have the money and time to spend on such stuff. So, go with home pedicure, which is safe and affordable.

Tips To Do Pedicure At Home

Clip And Shape Nails

First, get rid of your previous nail polish and the traces of last pedicure using a mild acetone or nail polish remover with a cotton pad. Then, cut your nails neatly by making sure that the corners are not cut too much as it can lead to hurting deformed nails. Finally, finish by giving nails a proper shape using a flat filer or glass file to make the uneven corners and edges smooth.

Foot Bath

Next step is to give your foot an enjoyable foot bath. Fill lukewarm water, in a tub or a basin, so that it covers your ankles, with bubble bath and also few drops of important oil according to your needs. Add some salt to the water to lessen any swelling or to soothe exhausted feet.


By putting some pebbles in the tub, you feel more relaxed when you lay your feet on the pebbles. And before filling your bath tub with water, don?t forget to put a towel under it so as to avoid any spills from your pedicure. Soak your feet in the water and relax for 10-20 minutes. Using a towel, dry your feet.


Pull your feet out of foot bath, dry them and then rub some cream or oil on each toenail. Massage the oil and push back dead skin on nail plate using cuticle stick. Leave the cream for few minutes.

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Till then, apply some foot scrub and massage gently to get off all the dead and the dry skin cells. Rinse thoroughly or wipe off the cream using a dampen towel. After the cream is removed, using a cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticles back.



Once the scrubbing is done, wash the feet and massage them with a moisturizer. It helps to soften your feet, prevents skin from cracking and hydrates it. Rub some lotion on and massage gently. These kinds of foot massages improve the blood circulation and also nourish foot muscles and skin.

Apply Nail Polish

The last step is to decorate your nails by applying nail polish. First, apply a thin base coat, then 2 layers of the nail paint of your choice and the final layer of shiny coat. This will help your nail polish to last longer.

Getting a pedicure done is not really a big deal but customers need to be very conscious of sanitation issues relating to ?pedicure tubs? in the salons because, they can cause infections, if not cleaned properly. That?s why; home pedicures are always preferred over others.

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