Thursday, 25 October 2012

Forbes Presents Collection of Estate Planning Articles - The Wiewel ...

With all the noise these days about taxing the rich and the future of the federal estate tax, the message that ordinary folks also need to plan, to protect themselves and their families, gets drowned out.

Did you know we just passed National Estate Planning Awareness Week (Oct. 15-21)? Don?t worry if you missed it, estate planning is a continuous endeavor and one that is never out of season.

While proper estate planning is no Do-It-Yourself project and competent legal counsel should be retained, there is plenty of literature available to help you learn the basics of estate planning and beyond. Leave it to Forbes to compile ?The Forbes Guide To Estate Planning? from its storehouse of past estate planning articles. Of course, these 40 some articles give only the Forbes perspective, but it?s a quick glimpse at the panoply of topics and worth a read.

If you still need information on estate planning topics and strategies, contact your legal and financial counselors in order to gain knowledge about protecting your family and your assets.

Reference: Forbes (October 14, 2012) ?The Forbes Guide To Estate Planning?


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