Saturday, 20 October 2012

Today on New Scientist: 19 October 2012

Martian genome: Is there DNA on the Red Planet?

Craig Venter has set his sights on Mars; others plan to look for DNA there too. We review some of the challenges they will face

Digging up the dead: London's ghoulish legacy

New archaeological evidence opens a new window into London's grim legacy of grave-robbing in the name of science

Cassette tapes are the future of big data storage

Hard drives are the workhorse of large storage operations, but a new wave of ultra-dense tape drives is set to replace them

Galaxy dance of death creates starburst shockwave

Meet a poor crazy mixed-up galaxy - it's not a crowd-pleasing spiral or a shapeless blob elliptical, but a spectacular combination of both

Slow-mo movie captures firecracker blast in water

Watch an explosion produce cavities and jets on the surface of a liquid

Feedback: In fruitloopery's house are many mansions

The marvels of the holographic body-field, the wonders of infoceuticals, archetypal healing modes, and more

Astrophile: Moon melding made Titan a chimera

Saturn's largest moon may have been stitched together from the bodies of doomed companions, a process that spawned several icy minions

Smart CCTV knows when you need shopping advice

Store cameras that learn consumers' habits could boost profits and improve the shopping experience, if you don't mind being spied on

Lethal weapons and the evolution of civilisation

From the very first spear to nuclear bombs, deadly weapons have directed the course of our cultural evolution

Pioneering lab-grown 'kidney' does its job in animals

A kidney-like structure that filters blood in rats is a vital step towards making new kidneys from someone's own cells

Muddy lake bed holds radiocarbon 'Rosetta stone'

The carbon in layers of algae from the bottom of a Japanese lake will help reveal the precise dates of historical climate change and human migrations

Roasting Triassic heat exterminated tropical life

Earth experienced an extended heatwave 249 million years ago that made many areas uninhabitable

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