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Unleashing the Power of Effective Communication | corbusllc

?Communication is the real work of leadership.?

? Nitin Nohria

On your first day of kindergarten, you were taught the basics on how to succeed in school: share, play fair, be respectful, tell the truth, listen and communicate.? While at the time, you might not have given much thought to these attributes, it doesn?t take long to realize how relevant they are today ? particularly in business.

In this ever-changing global market, businesses must consistently seek out ways to develop, grow and adapt. Leaders are faced with positioning their companies and leveraging their products and services in the marketplace effectively increasing profits and decreasing costs.? And, they must be client-driven to succeed. How is that accomplished? It begins with one of the fundamental lessons taught in kindergarten: communication.

In addition to offering unique and innovative products and services, successful companies communicate a clear global vision and consistent message that is articulated to employees, clients, customers and potential customers.? An effective communications management strategy ultimately helps to build relationships and trust with customers, and if executed successfully, the plan furthers corporate goals by:

  • Enhancing expansion efforts ? Competition is global, and to be a major player, businesses have to think globally. In order for global expansion to occur, businesses must consider cultural, language and other differences and communicate accordingly.
  • Building relationships ?To build a solid foundation with clients, businesses must establish relationships founded on two-way communication and transparency. Building and managing these relationships fosters trust and reliability, and ultimately, more business. Good customer service falls into this category as well.
  • Increasing efficiency and profits ? Plain and simple, companies are in business to make money, or else they wouldn?t be in business. Effective global expansion, good relationship management and responsiveness to consumer needs are all contributors to success and profit.
  • Managing escalations and breaking down barriers ? When it comes to issue management and crisis situations, swift action and follow up communication is essential in dealing with problems head-on. Ultimately, relationships and business can weather storms as long as communication is responsive, appropriate and immediate.
  • Reaching the target audience ? All of the marketing and advertising in the world will not contribute to a company?s bottom line if the right communications strategy is not in place for the audience at hand. Whether through networking, traditional advertising or social media, the medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan proclaimed decades ago. The key is identifying the correct medium to deliver that message.

Clearly, understanding your audience and customers, knowing how to reach them, and implementing a well-constructed plan are critical aspects of communications management. With the explosion of digital marketing, social media and use of mobile devices, communication is evolving and changing rapidly. Simply put, businesses today cannot thrive without incorporating digital media into their marketing communications plans. Consumers want information on-demand, anywhere and everywhere that they are.

And, let?s not forget the impact of mobile devices. It?s hard to believe, but the iPhone was non-existent just six years ago. Today, it seems almost every adult (and child) has a smartphone. In fact, the term ?nomophobia? was coined ? the fear of being without one?s mobile phone.

Mobile content and access was the largest industry sector in 2011 with revenues of $39.17 billion, up 27.8%. Of that $39.17 billion, the business segment accounted for 58% of the total and the consumer segment accounted for 42%.*

Keeping pace with technology is essential, yet it can be daunting as well. Corbus offers a comprehensive strategy for digital marketing efforts focused on managing multi-channel strategies, cost savings and the need for flexibility. This is accomplished through project/program management, governance, standards and processes, metrics and measurements, and tools and technologies. Corbus employs the latest technologies on websites for Search Engine Optimization analysis, Google Analytics, website architecture and more.

Communication is a broad term that has a multitude of applications in business today. In fact, many problems that occur in business (and life) today could be avoided if the right communications strategy had been in place. If only we had realized the importance of communicating effectively when we were in kindergarten!

-Sherrie Thomas, Client Operations Lead, P&G Global Account Team


Corbus, LLC, a global solutions provider founded in 1994, offers superior services combining years of experience, solid partnerships and adaptability. Corbus? solution offering includes Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Project Management (PMO) services. Corbus creates technology-empowered solutions with industry leading processes and technologies that deliver business value to global clients through year-on-year savings and are known for the ability to work in true partnership with clients to innovate and bring cost reduction along with enhanced product quality. With competitive positioning and complete transparency, Corbus and clients together achieve success. For more information, visit Corbus is a global organization, headquartered in North America with presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific markets. Corbus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Soin International LLC, a private multi-national holding company that provides strategic management, administrative systems, and financial support to a diverse array of worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates.


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