Friday, 30 November 2012

Black Family Hazed, Forced to Leave Home, Officials Have No ...

29 Nov 2012

In supposedly post racial America this type of thing isn?t supposed to happen.

Yet and still, a family, a Black family, has had to leave their home and reverse their decision to live in a community, at the outset they probably deemed safe, with good schools and welcoming neighbors. No one knowingly moves their family in to danger, and when they do, sometimes its an economic choice over a security one.

But in Yorba Linda, California, the area of the OC from which the family fled, the median household income is $115k.

It?s shameful to think that for every Black American family, who proverbially ?moves on up? there are still places where their prosperity is not wanted.

There is an old saying that the only color that matters to the rich and wealthy is green. But this is sad and stark reminder, no matter how high we climb socio-economically, there are many ready and waiting to tear us down to where they think we belong.

How representative is this behavior of the OC as a whole? I?ve always considered California to be more racially progressive than other states. But for the city executives and the police department to refuse to make comment or release a statement on these events, ?it proves this is a rooted issue, that even the city has no interest in ?taking on.

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