Friday, 30 November 2012

Commissioner writing screenplay

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - For the last few years Commissioner Michael Wiener has been in and out of the news a lot but not for his work on the Bernalillo County Commission.

Most recently it was when he lost his re-election bid this summer after a photo surfaced of him posing with prostitutes in a red light district in the Philippines.

"I was just there for a number of hours with my fiance and I wasn't doing anything wrong if I was, I wouldn't have posed for a picture," Commissioner Wiener said.

Last year it was for claims that he sexually harassed women at work and before that, he took heat for emailing a joke about the president, African Americans and prison rape.

The commissioner said all of it will be part of a screenplay he is writing.

"Trying to basically put what happened to me over the last four years and mostly in the last year in context with all the other things that have happened to other republican elected officials," he said.

In an interview with News 13 Thursday afternoon Wiener said the media is harder on republicans.

The title of his screenplay 'Double Standard'.

"There's a tremendous media bias toward republican officials in which their words are scrutinized their actions are held to a much much higher standard, democrats are given a pass on things," said Wiener.

He said he plans to shop the screenplay around in the Spring of 2013 once it is finished.

He believes the project will be a success and even has an idea on who should play the leading role, Charlie Sheen.

"The only reason I brought that up that wasn't me really speaking it was the fact that for the last 20 years of my life, everywhere I've gone I've had people tell me over and over and over again that I look an awful lot like Charlie Sheen," Wiener said.

The commissioner also told News 13 me he hopes to film here in New Mexico and also on location in the Philippines.

His last commission meeting is December 11th he says he has no plans to run for political office again.


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