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Email Marketing Conversion Tips: 7 Simple Ways To Increase Email ...

boost open rates1 468x1024 Email Marketing Conversion Tips: 7 Simple Ways To Increase Email Open Rates

My jaw dropped when a good friend and an experienced marketer asked me this question the other day?

Thinking that I might be able to help her, she asked, ?I am getting 50-65% open rate for my emails now?How do I increase that??

40-50%? Really?

I had to confirm that with her again, just to make sure I heard her right.

?So, how many subscribers did you send to, to get 50-60% open rate? A list of perhaps 5 subscribers??- I asked her facetiously.

I have to confess?50-65% is a high open rate for my list. I?ll be lucky to get half that number.

The conversation turned around from me giving advice, to me seeking advice from her?and I am thankful to her for that.

Over the years, I have seen a HUGE drop in Email open rates.

From 70-80% a few years back, down to frightenly low numbers ? which of course had me a little worried.

I desperately wanted to know her secret.

She was kind enough to let me pick her brain and jot down some key things that she was doing?

And since you are a fellow marketer and dear subscriber, I want to share some of the tips I learned?

1. A Fresh Look From Time To Time.

As a company, we use an HTML template that displays our brand/logo on the email. I had been using the same template for the past two years.

But if you?ve been a subscriber for some time, you may have noticed the change recently.

If you are using a template that looks outdated, try changing it. Or, try switching your e-mail from text to HTML.

2. Find your perfect time and stick to it.

If you are a market who emails your list quite often, test the time of delivery that works for your subscribers and STICK WITH IT.

Through testing I?ve found the perfect time to send out my emails. Now, I stick to it religiously.

Once you?ve found your perfect time and stick with it, your subscribers will come to expect your e-mails.

To help yourself, try creating an e-mail schedule.

3. Use The Headline And First Sentence Effectively.

It?s no secret that your subject line is responsible for your open rates.

But did you know there?s another key thing subscribers see when they are deciding to read your e-mail?

It?s the first sentence inside the e-mail.

Most email programs like gmail and yahoo display the first sentence of the email, in light grey text below the subject line.

I typically receive emails where the first line inside the e-mail reads:?Click here if you cannot see this email correctly.? ? Hardly attention grabbing!

4. Using The Correct From Name.

We receive emails that we automatically hit delete, because the ?from name? shows a domain name, or something we are not familiar with.

Use your first and last name as the from address.

5. Send Exclusive Emails

My subscribers often get special offer emails and personal experiences and tips (like the one you?re reading now) that I share with them ONLY through e-mail ? - and can?t be found on our company blog.

6. Tell Readers What?s Coming Next.

Whenever possible, I try to tell my readers what?s coming next. Especially if it?s a content that flows well with what they have just read.

Hint towards what content is coming up to draw people into the next e-mail.

7. Treat your email subscribers like you treat your best friends.

You wouldn?t be phony with a friend, would you? There is a certain kind of openness about us, when we are with our best friends.

Get to know people on your list whenever possible and you will know how to connect with them using email, and how to tailor offers and content for them.

These are 7 things you can implement in your email marketing campaigns, starting today, and begin seeing more and more people open your emails.

Increasing the number of people who OPEN your email is the first step to more traffic and sales!

Abe Cherian
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