Monday, 12 November 2012

for whatever you lose (like a you or a me)

Hey there confidence/Julie! The name's Vince. And no...I have never read that poem, but I do know e.e. cummings. Quite the eccentric. My favorite poem is Fire and Ice by Robert Frost.

I don't know the site or the format of roleplayerguild, but I'm sure RPG will suit your needs whether it be the tab, the chat, or the play-by-post. Writing long posts, that's not bad I guess, I just write whatever the situation calls for. Formating, beautifying, and you are That's cool.

You don't need, I'm pretty sure you'll make friends just fine. Relax a bit though, we don't bite, but when I say "we": does not include the staff members. ;)

Ha! Okay, maybe it does.

On behalf of everyone here at RPG, RolePlayGateway, we're glad to have you here.


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