Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Game Overthinker - Why Don't Today's Consoles Just Work ...

Why they don't work anymore?

- They use discs
- Connectivity is now mandatory
- They're not dedicated to gaming anymore

Here you go.
I played Rad Racer on my NES yesterday and it worked just fine and get that, it was in 3D. I started my nth playthrough of Secret of Mana a couple of weeks ago, and it worked just fine. Played some Perfect Dark with friends a month ago and started Goemon 64 2 with my girlfriend. Played great. My Gamecube is a beautiful little piece of hardware and I started Skyward Sword's Master Quest a couple of weeks ago and my Wii is perfectly fine. It has always been.

Now I'm still going to buy the U because I trust Nintendo with that sort of stuff and even if they launch a system with a couple of issues, like they did with the 3DS, I know they will fix it when they can via firmware updates, here again just like they did with the 3DS. I never had a problem with Nintendo hardware this far. They have always been the best hardware of their respective generation. This kind of blind trust has to be earned and if I still trust them on that front, it's because they deserve it.

That being said, let's hope the U does not prove me wrong.


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