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Need Role-players [The Elias Family]


When a werewolf finds his or her true mate, they leave a sort of mark amongst their true mate in the shape of a crescent moon on the inside of their true mates wrist. This mark is to let other wolves around the world know that this is the true mate of another wolf and therefore shall not be harmed, maimed, or killed under any circumstances unless that wolf finds their true mate within the same person. Should this happen, both wolves may fight for the right to claim their true mate as their own and the loser may lose his or her life. This circumstance is very rare.

My children, if you are reading this, then your mother and I cease to live. The rest of the letter is torn and shredded, leaving it unreadable

This is the letter the Elias siblings received from their father just minutes ago. Because of the condition of the letter, it is unknown exactly how long ago their parents perished for you see; the Elias family is a family of hunters. And not just any hunters, they hunt werewolves. It is their sole purpose in life and they would be willing to sacrifice anything to make sure that the human world goes on as it should. Under the conclusion that werewolves are to blame, the Elias siblings set out to find the werewolf responsible for their parent?s death. This time, they decide to take their youngest sister with them. She has never hunted with her brothers before and is just as ready to exact revenge as her brothers, however; there seems to be a bit of a problem. The alpha wolf of the local pack has found his true mate amongst the Elias siblings: Their sister. How will the brothers react to this, especially when they find themselves the true mates to the female werewolves of the pack? Can they work together to find the one responsible for their parent?s death, or will their hatred overwhelm them and cause the untimely death of innocent werewolves?

[-] Alpha wolf ? - Reserved by | S1mon
[-] Werewolf 1 ?
[-] Werewolf 2 ? -Reserved by | Kugorie
[-] Werewolf 3 ?

[-] NPC Werewolf responsible for Christophe Elias? death ?
[-] NPC Werewolf responsible for Elizabet Elias? death ?

- [Name] Elias - Oldest brother [aged around late twenties.]
- [Name] Elias ? Second oldest [aged around mid to late twenties.]
- [Name] Elias ? Third Oldest [ aged around mid to late twenties, twin to the second oldest.]
- Sian Elias The Little Sister

Marking: Marking, in werewolf terms, is the term used when a werewolf finds his or her true mate. It is a literal marking, as in the true mate of the werewolf will receive a birth mark-like mark on the inside of his or her wrist, declaring this human or wolf untouchable by other werewolves. It is possible for a werewolf to mark on a same person who has already been marked upon. Should this ever occur, the two wolves that marked the same person may then begin a rite of possession. This rite includes both members fighting, in wolf form, for the right to be the true mate to the one they marked. Deaths have occurred during this rite, however; since it is very rare that two wolves find their true mate in the same person, there has been less than ten deaths a year. Each mark is different. Some marks appear as a crescent moon or as the wings of a butterfly, however; one thing does stay the same. Each mark is located upon the inside of their true mate?s wrists.

True Mate: This term is used to define a werewolf?s soul mate. This person, human or wolf, has been chosen to be the destined mate of the werewolf that has marked them and this person cannot remove the mark. Once marked, the True Mate cannot love another being, no matter how hard they try. They will always come back to the wolf that marked them. This, however, does not mean that the true mate cannot despise their chosen wolf and have on more than one occasion chosen to live in a loveless marriage to someone else than to be with their soul mate. This is a common occurrence and is not unheard of in the werewolf society. There are only a handful of wolves that have managed to fall in love with their true mates and stay with them. It is very rare that a True mate should be immune to their wolf?s mark. This means that although they have been marked, they are still free to love whomever they wish despite being a true mate to a wolf.

Werewolf: Werewolves are not your average looking wolf. They are bipedal and are more in common with the Van Helsing werewolf (if you?ve seen the movie). In other words?they look like this. A werewolf can communicate telepathically with his or her pack members only. As a pack, they are led by one Alpha who will only choose his or her mate upon leaving his or her mark upon their true mate. Some werewolves have gone centuries without finding their true mate. Werewolves do retain some of their humanity, however; it isn?t uncommon for a werewolf to give into their animal instincts. They will not hurt their true mate, however, should this occur. Werewolves can be killed by anything except for disease. They are naturally weak to silver and can die from large amounts of exposure to it. Should a hunter try and kill a werewolf without the aid of silver, they must remove a werewolf?s heart in order for them to be completely destroyed.

[o] ? First Rule: Courtesy. Please be polite to others and those around you. If, for any reason, someone is at quarrel with another author, do take it to the PM?s or the OOC unless it is in-context with the role-play. A role-play is not fun when everyone is having an issue with each other and it causes a role-play to die rather quickly. We do not want this, in fact, we want to prevent and avoid this. This rule is fairly easy to follow. Should I find otherwise, I will not hesitate to ban you from this role-play.

[o] ? Second Rule: Character Acceptance. Characters will be chosen upon creativity and details. I want to know about your character, everything from the tip of their heads to what makes it tick. With that said and done, do not feel limited to a type of persona or history (given the circumstances). When using pictures, you may use Anime to Semi-Realistic images. I do not want to see celebrity images. For the Elias siblings, the history pretty much open to the other Elias siblings so don?t feel the need to ask about certain things about their history. Make it up if you want. I don?t necessarily mind :]

[o] ? Fourth Rule: Literacy. Please, I beg of you. If you do not know how to use spell check or proofread your posts, I will not accept you. I know not everyone is perfect, and I too make mistakes on the norm, so I am not asking you to be a grammar nazi. Please, just have basic grammar down and I am sure we will be friends.

[o] ? Fifth Rule: If you cannot commit to a long-term role-play, then please do not apply. This is meant to be a long-term role-play in the hopes that something can be created that will be enjoyed. With that being said, I am not going to limit you to a post. I know everyone has a life outside of Role-playing and most of us have jobs to attend to, so all I am asking is that if you are unable to post for an ?x? amount of time, please notify me so that we can work around your character.

[o] ? Last rule: Please reserve your character. It makes it easier to keep track of and see how many spots need to be filled or if we can start the role-play. Again, there are limited roles so we can keep track of things. If you do decide to reserve a character, use the reservation sheet provided. It is provided for your benefit. It has a space for it for the time you will need for reserving your character. Also, please have fun :D

If you are interested in joining, then follow the link below and join :D



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