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Three Ways to Get Free PR for Your Small Business | Magem

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When you?re running a small business, it?s crucial that you know where your money is going. Not all startups come equipped with the financial capacity to spend a large sum to get the word out on their brand.

That?s where garnering free PR for your business will come in handy. Knowing how to work public relations contacts is key: It?s not as simple as hoping they come to you for an interview.

Here are three areas in which you can find and harness the power of free PR for your small business.

Press Releases

This area is your number one go-to for all free media attention. Every time your business expands, grows, comes out with a new product, attends a networking event, or helps out in the community, you should be writing a press release to explain what?s happening.

Fax or email it out to your local news stations, local businesses, radio stations, and even your small-town newspapers. Journalists are always looking to discover the next big thing first, so make their work a little easier and turn their attention your way.

Using press releases quickly gets your name and brand out to numerous media outlets at once.

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Creative and Free methods to gain free PR for your small business.
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Think radio stations, newspapers, and even other small businesses that could benefit from your product or service.

Al Lautenslager of Entrepreneur states:

?Sending out a press release is just one example of free PR. There are many reasons for sending out a release: introducing a new product or service, celebrating an anniversary, winning an award, reaching a milestone and so on. Doing this on a regular basis is key to keeping your name in front of your customers? and prospects? eyes and being at the top of their mind when it comes to awareness.?

Public Speaking

Think local AND global. At any given time, there are countless events happening that would love to have you as a speaker at their gala.

Don?t feel like you can?t speak if you never got an invite, go out and create your own invite by emailing or calling the leader of the event and asking to be a part of their production. Don?t know where to start? Try your local Chamber of Commerce, they can help point you in the direction of events going on in your city and beyond.

Being a speaker, whether it?s a keynote or not, positions you as an authority figure in your area of business. It allows you to not only help others with your expertise but also paves the way for you to reach hundreds, if not thousands, or potential clients at once.

After you have spoken at the event, be sure to have plenty of business cards on hand to pass out to all of your new friends who are now turned on to what you do, who you are, and what your business can do for them.

Grow Your Online Presence

This area includes everything from guest posting on big-name websites within your niche to offering advice to those in need on sites such as LinkedIn.

Your first step with doing any kind of online marketing is to be sure that your own company?s website is up to par, current, and easily navigated. Your online marketing efforts will be futile if your potential customers visited your site and couldn?t figure out how to navigate it.

Once you know that your website is top-notch and optimized for capturing new clients, you can begin scoping out getting some guest blogs onto top sites. Guest blogging is a great and totally free way to position yourself as an expert in your field as well as rub elbows with bigger names in your area of expertise.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn offer a section that allows for anyone to ask and answer questions about an array of topics. Take full advantage of this feature as it provides you with infinite possibilities of getting your name and business out there ? all at no cost to you besides your time.

Susan Hauser of CNN Money tells us:

?There are probably as many varieties of marketing a business and increasing sales as there are versions of high-end salt. But you can?t expect to compete as a small business today without choosing from a growing arsenal of online marketing tools.?

Any time you come across a chance at getting the word out on your business, take it. The public relation path is always a fantastic way to turn new clientele onto your brand and what it can do for them.

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