Thursday, 29 November 2012

X Factor Love In ? Union J, Ella Henderson and the shows dancers get it on!

Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor normally produces a couple of romances each year, it?s no wonder as dancers and contestants often spend hours together training and rehearsing and then go through high stress situations together and generally have to bond really quickly.

Whilst Striclty has been a bit quiet this year the same can?t be said of ITV?s X Factor?

JJ Hamblett from Union J is following in Liam Payne?s footsteps by hooking up with a backing dancer on the show. ?Liam dated Danielle Peazer who was also a dancer in One Direction?s year. ?Rithiely ?Rithy? Periera is a dancer from Brazil who has appeared on ?So You Think You Can Dance?? on the BBC.

Meanwhile we?d all put Ella Henderson with George Shelley from Union J after the pair were seen out and holding hands around London, but it turns out she is seeing?Josh Cuthbert instead!

Ella said of Josh -??At the moment [we are just] very close and good friends, but after the competition, I?d love to see him. I do want to spend time with him. Only time will tell.?

Ella was talking to Now Magazine.

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