Friday, 7 December 2012

98% Brooklyn Castle

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"Brooklyn Castle" easily checkmates your inner cynic.

Katie Dellamaggiore's lively and affecting documentary introduces us to a cast of characters that's very winning (in both senses of the word).

It's not To Sir, With Love: It's fierce ambition, the channeling of emotion, and hours of drilling.

Enlightening, inspiring and expertly crafted.

An irresistibly uplifting doc.

Castle is suspenseful, funny and, particularly in its depiction of the challenging home lives of some of the kids, moving.

...provides a corrective to the popular image of American schools as obsessed with sports and popularity, and it makes the strongest possible case for funding after-school activities.

Chess, brilliant young students and great teachers potent mix.

The I.S. 318 team? A delightfully motley, vulnerable, multicultural bunch, whose addiction to chess has allowed them higher aspirations for top high schools and, eventually, college and careers. You will root for them like crazy.

We meet five of the team's members and several of their teachers; by its end, you'll be rooting for them all.

"BROOKLYN CASTLE is a compelling, engaging and inspiring Documentary, featuring Junior High kids that you can relate to. Even if you don't know the game of Chess all too well, it won't stop you from enjoying this pleasant film."

Brooklyn Castle provides a snapshot of indomitable American can-do attitude, and gives one hope.

The admirable Brooklyn Castle transcends its formula to become an optimistic look at extracurricular education and young people.

Great story, well-made, what's not to like?

It's clear that chess isn't just a game; for these students, it can also open doors.

The film's structure is routine, but the film doesn't sidestep its more serious issues, while its charming subjects make it a winner both on and off the chessboard.

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