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Battle Classes for The_World: Return to Dusk

The_World: Return to Dusk

It's basically a version 3 of the the game without all the other games that came after GU.


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(In Revision 3 the max level is 200)

Revision 2 Classes

Adept Rogue (in Revision 3 adept rogues are now allowed to get a 4th form according to the points system and their choosing but they have to reach level 120. The points system gives you 7 points in revision 3 but only allows 4 forms. Any points left will be deducted after choosing. You do not have to have 4 forms)

Blade Brandier: Blade Brandier's wield medium-sized, one-handed, or katana-like swords in battle. (1 point)

Macabre Dancer: A strange class, they wield fan-like weapons. They cut their enemies with the bladed tips of their fans in a battle form that resembles a dance.(3 points)

Edge Punisher: Edge Punishers excel in physical attacking, especially against armored foes; however, they are much slower than classes such as the Blade Brandier. Also they can wear heavier armor. (1 Point)

Flick Reaper: Flick Reapers are very weak to long range attacks. They're the medium range, "area attack" class. They "flick" multiple enemies and push them away before they can get close enough for melee attacks, but a good Long distance fighter could overpower them.(2 points)

Harvest Cleric: Harvest Clerics learn spells incredibly fast, at a rate of almost 1 per job level, but learn no arts. They are best in healing and spells. (3 points)

Lord Partizan: Lord Partizans have good medium range attacks, but don't excel at "sweeping" attacks like Flick Reapers. Their defense and physical attack stats are very high, with magical attack being their only real weakness. They're also very good at slaying monsters, with a lot of good armor-piercing and anti-air weapons and skills. (2 points)

Shadow Warlock: their favored weapons are Grimoires which are spell books. Shadow Warlock tomes give a much higher magic bonus and have a much lower physical attack than Harvest Cleric staves, though the elemental bonuses are around the same. They learn no arts. (3 points)

Steam Gunner: Steam Gunners are the physical equivalent of Shadow Warlocks. Their shots are skills that operate exactly the same way spells do, but deal physical damage instead. Steam Gunners' shots have greater range than any other physical hit, and their physical attack stat has the fastest progression of any class.(3 points)

Tribal Grappler: This class has the advantage of a very high attack speed, allowing it to achieve normal Rengeki extremely fast, in addition to very high HP. Their defense, however, is very low. They also have a very limited repertoire of arts. (2 points)

Twin Blade: Twin Blades are the most balanced class in The World. They are noted for their superior traveling speed and hit rate. They have decent attack stat growths and have decent magical stats, they are unable to equip the strongest armors, have lower attack growths than the other classes, and do not have access to stronger magic skills. Their greatest strength lies with their multi-hit skills. (1 point)

Revision 3 Classes

Silver Arrow (Archer): A class that wields a bow and arrows, Unlike the steam gunner this class has more chance of a critical hit and has better accuracy. (1 point)

Silent Shadow (Ninja): Wields tools befitting a ninja like Kunai knives for attacking and shurikens for throwing. Hidden weapons and tricks like poison and paralysis tipped on their needles that they throw or paper bombs that they can set off from afar. (2 points)

Conjuror (Summoner):This class makes up for its weak physical stats for its strong magical stats and the ability to summon monsters and spirits from tomes or skills that they learn. Conjurors rely on their summons as they do not have any other way to defend themselves but these summons get more powerful while leveling up and going to new servers for new tomes and skills.(5 points)

Wave Knight (Magic Swordsman): Like a Shadow Warlock and a Blade brandier
but with less magic and less arts.
The Wave Knight is like a adept rogue in a way as it can use two abilities but not be a master of them. Unlike the rogue the Wave knight can apply spells into their physical attacks. In other words they can power up their normal arts by adding the powers of certain spells to them. (5 points)

Steam Pilot: (5 points) Allows the user to attack enemies with their own custom made steam machine. Whether it be a Steam bike armed with guns or something more advanced like a Steam Mech. Users do not gain experience from beating monsters but instead a increased drop rate in gold and items while in the steam machine. This allows them to customize their Steam Machine. If the Steam machine is destroyed the user is ejected and will use a large wrench as a weapon about the size of a short sword. The Wrench doesn't do much damage but it does repair the machine but takes longer based on what level it is. Steam Pilots are best when in teams but not really that good on their own.

Musician: (2 points) Many sub classes have been found here because of this one main class but they are all based on music. For example Guitarist uses a Guitar as a weapon and deals damage by using musical spells and using the instrument as a weapon. This of course works for most of the sub classes.

Necromancer: (4 points)Unlike the shadow warlock the necromancer uses the dark forbidden magics (not forbidden in the game just the story) like Hexes and Status effects. The Necromancer can't use any other element spells other than Darkness because of this.

Dual Gunner: (3 points) About the same as steam gunner but you have to reload per set of shots. When you start out you start with 10 shots for both guns. Your shots increase every 10 levels by 5. Max amount of shots until reload is 50.

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