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Earn 10k Per Month - Direct Marketing Data Website for Sale - Flippa

Here we have for sale a website which includes a superb proven high revenue stream along with the product for you to sell.? This is truly a readymade business like no other listed on Flippa.

The reserve set on this auction is low.

The business is the supply of marketing data to companies throughout the UK, US and other worldwide countries.? We hold the most up to date marketing data available in the market place.? The market for data provision is huge as almost any type of business uses data for their direct marketing.? Therefore there are lots of opportunities to sell the data to all kinds of businesses throughout the world.

We generated an income of ?10,000 per month over a three month period with a new website doing exactly the same thing.? This was generated from one person working around three hours per day.?

Included in this business package:

  • A fully functioning website and domain name (
  • Full written step by step instructions on how to make immediate revenue from your business.
  • Full and unlimited telephone and email support
  • Transfer of ownership of the site to you via Big Commerce
  • Free domain push to your GoDaddy account

There are small running costs which we will explain here in full.? There are no hidden charges or costs.? Everything is upfront and honest.? However the additional on-going charges are very low.? Particularly in comparison to the revenue your website will generate.

We use Big Commerce for our websites and there will be an on-going charge of $39.99 per month for your website and hosting.? You will pay this directly to Big Commerce.? You will be using email marketing to drive traffic and sales to your site.? You will need to purchase email sending software at a one off fee of ?54.95.? We will advise you on all software you should purchase.? You will need a server to send your emails through.? This is a monthly cost of $129 which will allow you to send 100,000 emails each month.? You will need an FTP service so that you can send data to your clients by download link once they have purchased.? That?s a cost of ?30 per month.? We use but there are cheaper options out there if you prefer.? That?s it ? there are no other costs involved with this business at all.

New Data updates are purchased every six months from our supplier.? You will be given full details of the supplier so that you can communicate and purchase your data through them directly.? They are a UK based company that have been established for nearly ten years.? They are very reliable and the data they supply is of the highest quality.? The cost of the upgrade every six months is around ?600 with full resell rights.? The next upgrade is due around April of next year as we purchased the last upgrade in November.?

Marketing Data

The data included with this sale is alone worth much more than the BIN price.? Finding high quality data with resell rights is extremely difficult and it took us a good year to test and locate a good supplier.

The data is mainly used by clients for email marketing.? It is a fact that this is the most cost effective and productive form of direct marketing.? More and more businesses are using this method of marketing as its benefits far exceed their current marketing efforts.? The market for this business is massive and it is rare to find a product that is applicable to nearly every business type.

The following data sets will be included in your online store:

UK Databases

UK Business Email & Direct Marketing Database ? 1m records

UK Consumer Email & Direct Marketing database ? 5m records

UK Residential Landlords ? 40k records

US Databases

US Consumer Email & Direct Marketing Database ? 5m records

US CEO Email & Direct Marketing Database ? 8.9m records

US Business Email & Direct Marketing Database ? 4m records

Business Leads:

(US data unless mentioned otherwise)
Debt Leads - 4m records
Cell Phone ? 5m records
Pay day loan - 2.7m records
Business investors ? 10m+ records
Loan leads - 1.3m records
Home-based opportunity seekers ? 1m+ records
Mortgage leads ? 250k records
Opportunity seekers ? 500k records
(Euro - Italy and UK) Sports Betting Leads - 1.5m records
Forex Leads - 1.9m records
Forex BIG investors ? 90 records
Adult Site leads - 1.2m records
Facebook profiles - 1.5m records

Currently the site just includes the UK Business data as one full file.? The data is in excel format and is currently broken down by UK Counties.? Further breakdowns can include types of business and decision maker job titles etc.? If you were to do this then you can then add more categories and products to the store.? You can also do this with the extra databases as listed above if you wish.


Using the exact same business model as you will be using we created an average revenue of ?10,000 per month in data sales.? As with any business the income varies from week to week but we did maintain this steady average.? ?This business generates instant income.? You don?t have to wait weeks or months for the business to become established.? You will start to earn an income immediately.

We don?t make false promises.? We have spent many years developing and operating direct marketing businesses and it?s through this experience that we are able to help you change your current financial situation to one that you could probably only dream about in the past.? This is no exaggeration as the income from this business exceeds that of most professionals.?

So you will generate an average monthly income of ?10,000.? You then need to pay $39.99 for your website and $129 for email sending.? These two figures combined and converted to the UK pound equates to ?106.57. ?Then add the ?30 for FTP service and the total is ?136.57 Therefore this will leave you an average gross monthly income of ?9863.43.? How does this compare to your current income?? How many hours do you have to work to earn your current income?? With this business you will work less hours, probably from home and earn much more that you do at the moment.? It?s entirely up to you how far you take the business as these figures are based on just one person working the hours as stated.

Please pm me any questions and I?ll come back to you promptly.


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