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EarthBound Creator Says That Something Is In The Works For The ...

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Published: 21 December 2012 2:34 AM UTC

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I won?t hide it: Earthbound has a special place in my hearth and so does the great Mother 3 with their incredible stories, hidden behind a presentation which could be considered somewhat childish. It was incredibly sad to see the series completely disappear after the GBA entry and Nintendo has so far being silent for a possible new game.

Not all is lost though and things may even be looking good, if we?re to read between the lines of what Shigesato Itoi, the series creator, on Twitter about the series. Before we get our hopes up too much, Itoi san states that there isn?t a Mother 4 in development as of now but they?re making progress in trying to get Mother (the series as a whole) working again.

This could mean pretty much anything: from simple porting the series games on the 3DS Virtual Console or even a full remake of the series. All outcomes however can do good for the series as a whole, helping Nintendo check if there?s interest behind the series and if a new entry in the Mother franchise could be worth it. Personally, I would be happy by just being able to play Earthbound on the go, or even an official localization of Mother 3, which was only released in Japan.

More news will surely come in the next days. we?ll keep you updated if anything new comes up

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