Saturday, 29 December 2012

Green printing is a demand of people on the protection of the living ...

According to statistics, green advertising increased almost ten times in the past twenty years. This result suggests that the consumers have seriously paid great attention to green advertising, and also this becomes a great demand of government and enterprises to participate in all sorts of international competitions at present. In the companies of many developing countries, all kinds of traditional plate making and printing technology remain to take up a large market share. However, the conditions are totally different in the companies of many developed countries. For example, the modern green advertising technology has been very popularly used by advertising companies. Therefore, custom banner printing in New York, which can produce a green effect, has attained a very rapid development. In the process of printing, it is very easy for ink solvent, isopropyl alcohol and car washing water to pollute the environment. The effect of water, waste gas, and even noise on the front-line workers of enterprises should never be ignored. Also, these printing production processes will certainly impose a threat to the living environment of people. All these problems are necessary to solve. Fortunately, custom banner printing technology with a green effect can be a very good form. Therefore, the printing industry in the future should change greening task to a habit, but no longer a slogan. In this process, green printing must become an integral part of all enterprises in the world. Meanwhile, green printing will be a thoroughly popular green idea, but never a simple printing behavior.


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