Thursday, 20 December 2012

Holiday Plants Poisonous to Pets

Cats and dogs often like to nibble on plants.? Our holiday plants can mean big trouble for our pets.? ?Tis the season to keep your furry family members away from these plants ? ?

According to, Lilies and Daffodils Are The Worst!
?Pet owners should be aware that these plants are very toxic for cats, and sometimes with severe symptoms of gastrointestinal signs, cardiac arrhythmias, kidney failure, convulsions and death. Daffodils are toxic to both dogs and cats, especially the bulbs. Keep Your pets away from Additionally, plant bulb kits featuring Amaryllis and other plants gifts in the lily family ? Narcissus and other plants in the daffodil family.? -(?Poisonous Holiday Plants.?)

Mistletoe and Holly
Mistletoe and Holly, are considered to be moderately to severely toxic. If you think your pets ate these, call your veterinarian or poison control center immediately for specific advice.

Poinsettia Plant
The sap of Poinsettias is considered to be mildly toxic/irritating, and will probably cause nausea or vomiting, but not death.

Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic. Fir tree oils can bother the mouth and stomach.? Tree needles can cause gastrointestinal irritation and obstruction, a puncture, or vomiting. Other symptoms your pets may have after eating the tree is excessive drooling.

To Be 100% Safe, Simply Don?t Bring Toxic Live Plants Into Your Home.?

If You Do Bring Plants In, Stay Safe ? Watch Your Plants and Your Pets.
Check the plants for any signs of chewing or missing leaves. The amount of trouble depends on how much is consumed and the size of your pet.

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