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NEED POWERFUL over counter sinus med
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I've had sinus & allergy problems all my life; my doc 1ce told me sinus problems are common in this part of Louisiana. I've moved to Vermont a couple months ago & my sinus problems got a lot better there. I came back down to spend the holidays with my family & my sinus problems are coming back with a vengeance; I think I must of built up some kind of tolerance & I lost that by being gone for a while. My sinuses have gradually been getting worse sense I've been back. My nose is running aLOT, I'm sneezing some, my eyes are getting watery & itchy at times, I had a sinus headache for a bit yesterday with sinus pressure, I also started occasionally coughing, spitting up a little stuff & feeling a little itchy. I started taking Allegra. It helps some but the improvement only last for like 8 hours instead of lasting for 24 like it's supposed to & the amount of improvement for those 8 hours isn't huge. My doc gave me some samples of Zyrtec a few months ago when I was seeing him for something else & Zyrtec didn't help me a lot either. I've been on various other over the counter & also prescription sinus & allergy meds in the past. I don't remember getting a lot of improvement from any 2nd generation antihistamines; I don't think they are powerful enough for me. Benadryl makes me a little hyper & I don't think I get a great improvement with that either. The only meds I know that have helped me a lot were oral prescription steroid things. I'll be heading back to Vermont in another week so I think I should try another med to hold me over till then. Could anyone suggest something that isn't a 2nd generation antihistamine; perhaps a 1st gen one or an oral steroid(if there's anything like that available without a prescription) or something else Question
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If you don't mind putting down your driver's license, you can get straight pseudoephedrine (or combined with loratadine/alegra) from the pharmacist, w/o a prescription; that will dry out your sinuses, but not help with the itchiness.

If you don't mind seeing a doc, try to get a referral to a rheumatologist; they might be able to get you something stronger/more focused on what your body is doing.

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