Thursday, 27 December 2012

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I installed some speed reading apps and tested them. I?ve so far notices a few ?categories? or groups of equals:

  • One kind exists mostly from showing a text word by word in the middle of the screen. Showing each word a very short time and so you can read at a high wpm because you never need to move your eyes.
  • Another kind is merely a speed reading article disguised as app.
  • Another kind is no speed reading app but just a reading app with a fancy name.
  • Yet another kind is training in the form of news/actually.
  • And the last kind is a training app, not for your own stuff but purely for training.

I only tested them quickly and unions talked the non-interesting. But they aren?t quite what I?m looking for. Maybe I should write one myself for training and guided reading.

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