Friday, 14 December 2012

Remains of the Day: Take a Look at Your New Facebook Privacy Settings

Remains of the Day: Take a Look at Your New Facebook Privacy SettingsFacebook changes it's privacy settings, the first OS X fake installer malware is caught in the wild, Amazon launches Facebook integration, and Find My iPhone now gives driving directions to your lost device.

  • Facebook Changes Privacy Settings, Again Facebook's privacy settings are once again changing, for better and for worse. The good part: New Privacy Shortcuts allow users to change who can see what they post and who can contact them. There's also a one button block feature for people you don't want to interact with. Tweaks to the Activity Log also allow further control of what's on your timeline. Less good: The toggle that allows you to omit your profile from Facebook searches is being removed. [NYTimes Bits Blog]
  • First OS X Fake Installer Malware Spotted, as SMS Scams are Ported from Windows and Android to Mac A Trojan that masquerades as an installer for legitimate software has surfaced?the first of its kind on Mac OS X. It works by phishing for your phone number to complete the installation process, often claiming that it will send you a code via SMS for "activation." Afterwards, you'll be charged a subscription fee debited to your mobile phone account on a regular basis. [The Next Web]
  • Amazon Integrates With Facebook to Launch Social Gifting Feature You can now connect your Facebook account to Amazon and see your friends' birthdays and wishlists. For those who don't want to link their accounts, you can also manually add friends and receive e-mail reminders for birthdays and anniversaries. [Mashable]
  • Apple's Find My iPhone App Gets Driving Directions An update to the Find My iPhone App will show your phone's location as a point of interest within Apple's maps software. Tapping on its location will then give you directions to its location. Of course, you will need another iOS device in order to take advantage of the feature, but it's not entirely self-defeating?tracking your iPhone through iCloud will deliver the same result via Google Maps. [CNET]
  • Per-window Private Browsing in Nightly Mozilla has reworked Firefox's Private Browsing feature. Now in beta over at Firefox Nightly, the next Firefox update will allow you to open up a private browsing window without closing your current session. [Firefox Blog]

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