Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Texas Tech Student Home For Christmas After "Aggie Angels" Rescue Him From Crash In Creek

We have an update to a breaking news story we told you about last Friday, with a very happy ending.

A Texas Tech student driving home for the holidays rear-ended a pickup in Bryan and then rolled down a Highway 6 embankment into a creek.

Some quick-thinking witnesses, including someone who had graduated from A&M that same day, jumped in to rescue him.

News 3 was there Friday night, and visited with the driver of the Jeep, Alston Trbula Tuesday.

Trbula was released from the hospital Monday and is recovering at home.

In just a few short seconds a trip home for the Christmas holidays nearly turned into Alston Trbula's last.

"It was real fast man. I hit the back of the truck and I spun and then I rolled down as you know into that embankment. The scariest part for me was being trapped in the water for five minutes," recalled Alston Trbula.

The 20-year-old Texas Tech Junior and writer for the university newspaper is recovering at home in Spring and spoke to us via Skype.

Last Friday he plunged 15 feet off Highway 6 in Bryan rolling his Jeep into a creek.

He lost control after rear-ending a Chevy Pickup that had slowed for traffic.

"My body weight was hanging from the seatbelt and I couldn't un-click," he said.

Brian Curry and his friend Mario Pineda and others jumped out of their cars to to flip the jeep over and rescue Trbula still trapped underwater.

Curry had just graduated earlier in the day from A&M receiving a Navy Commission.

The man rear-ended by Trbula jumped in too.

"There's three or four other guys out here with us too and that police officer that jumped in as well. It was definitely nice," said Curry on Friday.

"I thought once you breathe underwater you were just gone, so I was thinking that was gonna be it and then I wake up in the hospital. I'm feeling the doctor's face asking if he's really real," said Trbula.

Alston's Trbula's mother Terri Moore was home cooking her son's favorite meal when St. Joseph Hospital called to say her son was injured. She had this to say to her son's rescuers.

"I just want to say thank you so much to Brian Curry and Mario Pineda and Jeremy McAlister," she said.

'That was the man I hit,' added Trbula.

"I wish I could hug and kiss all of them," added Moore.

"We're happy to have him home for Christmas," she added.

"I'm very happy to be here too...Those guys are my Aggie Angels," Trbula said

News 3 was able to give Alston Trbula the phone numbers of two of his rescuers, but he's hoping to say thank you to the others that also came to help.

He's recovering from pneumonia after the accident but other than that was left unharmed.

The driver of the pickup was not injured in the crash.

Trbula is majoring in nutrition and dietetics in Lubbock and hopes to continue doing journalism at Texas Tech as a hobby.


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