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WWC: Caenor Chronicles

The blackness of the stone dungeon was impenetrable. Only the Daeleons could actually see where they were going; the human captives, egg hosts, and co-operatives couldn't even see their own hands held right in front of their faces.
?So?where are you taking me?? James had lost any nervousness he had had earlier. Now his only thought was, when do they invade the hideout? And when do they take Jessica hostage?
?To Her Majesty. She wants to see you right away. Where else would I be taking you?? #033 answered.
?Why do you keep it so dark in here?? James wondered aloud.
?Keeps the egg hosts safe. Before the egg hatches, they can?t enter sunlight. It kills them.? The red Daeleon grunted. He was getting annoyed with James? questions.
?Oh. Have you ever thought of using L.D.D.?s?? James asked.
?Using what?? #033 turned to look at him.
?A Light Deflecting Device. L.D.D. It?s designed to protect plants from harmful fluorescent light. I could probably re-program one to block out sunlight.? James had already begun to think of how he could do it. It shouldn't be too hard.
?We?ll worry about that after you report to Her Majesty.? He grunted again. He didn't like the fact that this incompetent little boy was showing him up. Her Majesty had actually requested that she see the human before she heard #033 on his report of the latest batch of eggs laid! It was pure madness. That was the only way it made sense.
James silently followed #033 into the Throne Room. It was one of the few rooms in the Dungeon that was actually lit. There were two red Daeleons standing next to the gold, silver, and ivory throne. A bright blue carpet led from the door to the throne. The female Daeleon sitting on the throne was colored three different shades of blue, one of those shades matching the carpet.
?The human traitor, I presume?? she asked.
#033 kneeled. ?Yes, Your Majesty. He says he has some important information on the Resistance.?
?Really? Well, then, let?s hear it, boy.? Her eyes gleamed as she addressed him.
James froze in terror. The Daeleon?s power force, the energy she let off, was overwhelming.
?Come now, boy, don?t be shy. What information do you have for me?? Her eyes never left him.
?I?I can get you into the Resistance?s hideout!? He blurted. Something about her energy was familiar. Something about it reminded him of something he had seen in Jessica before.
?Can you, now?? Her eyes gleamed even brighter as she grinned evilly.

* * * *

Jessica was sitting so still in her cell that anyone walking past would have swore she was a statue. She still hadn't heard anything on the blood tests.
?There has to be a mistake.? She told herself for the millionth time. ?There?s no way I?m not human.?

* * * *

After running every test and experiment she could think of, Mary was out of ideas. Nothing had worked; nothing had produced anything close to Jessica.
What am I missing? What is different about the rats and Jessica? What is it?
She thought about getting a second opinion. But whom could she trust? Methuselah had her heart set on believing that Jessica wasn't human. With these thoughts, she continued her experimentation.

* * * *

?You certainly are an interesting subject, James. Why are you so willing to hand over your entire race to us?? The Empress questioned James. He had become very comfortable in her presence, which had surprised him at first.
?Well, from the moment your kind invaded, I just knew that the human race couldn't prevail. We were outnumbered, not to mention outsmarted. We were beaten before the war ever started.? The young boy sounded almost naive the way he spoke. He hesitated before he continued. While he neither trusted nor distrusted the Empress, he wondered why there wasn't an Emperor. ?If I may be so bold Your Majesty, why is your husband,? He hesitated. ?That is what you call them, right??
The Empress nodded.
?Why isn't he the Emperor??
The Empress sighed. ?Because, unfortunately, my husband is dead. He was murdered.? Though she looked sad, her voice displayed no sadness or sorrow whatsoever.
?Murdered?? James whispered. He had this odd, knowing feeling that he could not shake off, like he already knew the answer to his next question. ?Who killed him??
?Your parents. They had him abducted in order to use him in experiments.? She paused to look at James. ?Experiments,? She continued, ?which were done on you and your sister.?
James had gone white with shock. ?What?kind of experiments? What do you mean??
?You mean you didn't know?? she said in a mockingly shocked voice, one that James did not pick up on.
?No. Jasmine and Jason never said anything about any experiments.? James was in awe. ?Wait. Does this mean that Jessica and I?are we part Daeleon??
?Well,? She paused. ?Jessica is. You are not. Our scientists are still trying to figure out why you failed. Jessica?s experiment was a complete success.? She looked directly at James. ?To tell you the truth, you couldn't have come at a better time. We know for a fact that the hideout of the Resistance is built on the remains of your parents? old lab. However, we don't know its location. Now, we can find it. We know from what your mother,? She paused, choosing her words carefully, ??told us before she died that she left behind a diary with details of the experiments conducted on you and your sister. We also know that Jessica would rather die than join us, but if we can find Jasmine?s diary, perhaps we can create another half-human, half-Daeleon. You see, if your sister is ever trained well enough, she could become more powerful than even myself. And I am the most powerful Daeleon alive, apart from my two sons.?
?A diary?? James said thoughtfully. ? I wonder where it is??
?Hopefully, we will find out.? The Empress said as her eyes once again gleamed brightly. ?We invade the hideout tomorrow night.?

* * * *

?Rat #45 has also failed. Died at approximately 0100 hours. Blood type: A-positive. Still unsure as to why #45 failed.? Mary recorded. It was 1:45 a.m. She had been performing experiments on the rats for almost eight hours, and one had succeeded, but she had no idea why. There was no difference in the rats that she could find, at least, no significant differences. There was a soft knock at the door.
?Come in??
Methuselah poked her head in. ?Any luck, Mary??
?No. One rat did successfully complete the experiment, but I can?t figure out why.? Mary yawned.
?Here, let me see. You go get some sleep.? Methuselah said.
Mary nodded, stifling yet another yawn. ?Okay?if you?re sure. Thank you, Methuselah.? She stood up, stretched, and made to leave. She turned back suddenly and gasped.
Methuselah jumped, startled. ?Why, Mary, what on earth is wrong??
Mary stood, eyes wide. ?I know why Rat #29 didn't die. I know what happened to Jessica.?

* * * *

An entire battalion of Daeleon stood waiting in the cold drizzle outside of the Resistance hideout. About one third of the force was green. The rest were red, the warriors of their kind. Two humans stood in front. One was a young boy with almond brown hair and green eyes. The other was a young, blonde man of about twenty-five, and an extremely vacant expression. When he spoke, it was in monotone.
?James?we will move in ten minutes. Be ready to get us in the building.?
?Of course. I?ll be ready.? James answered. ?It?ll be no sweat.?

* * * *

?I see?so her parents experimented on her?they turned her into a human weapon.? Methuselah said softly. ?Who knows what the extent of her powers is??
?It?s amazing. It truly is a work of genius.? Mary agreed. She looked at the clock.
?Oh my?it?s five past two. We should get to bed, Zala.?
?Agreed. I suppose we shall move Jessica back into her room tomorrow morning??
?Yes. She?s probably asleep, so I think it?s best to just let her be for now.? Mary said, shutting the laboratory door. She bade good night to Methuselah and turned the corner to her quarters when a massive explosion followed by a violent tremor shook the entire hideout. The force of the tremor knocked Mary off of her feet. Her husband, Mark, came rushing out of their living quarters.
?Mary!? Her exclaimed upon seeing her. ?Are you alright? What on earth is going on??
?I have no idea.? Mary said, and then froze with fear and awe. ?Oh my God.? She whispered. She was staring at a point behind Mark.
?That surprised to see me? No offense, but you guys are awfully stupid.? A young male voice said.
Mark whirled around to face James Caenor.
?James! What are you??? He trailed off, realizing that at least a dozen green Daeleons and two red ones were following James.
?What?s going on, James? Why are those aliens following you?? He asked, eyes narrowed.
James? eyes glinted. ? Wouldn't you like to know??
?Shall we, sir?? One of the red Daeleons asked.
?Yes?do what you must. I?ll find Jessica.? James nodded, and left.

* * * *

Jessica stood up, wondering what was going on.
Ziek skidded into the room.
?Jessica! Are you all right? Never mind, no time. Come on, we need to get out of here!? The young boy said in a rush. His eyes were clear and focused, as if he were ready for a battle.
?Ziek, what?s going on? What was that explosion?? Jessica asked, worried.
?No time!? He fumbled with the control panel that controlled the locks. ?Dang it?? he muttered.
Something in Jessica?s brain took over. ?Ziek, stand back??
?Huh? What do you-?"
He was cut off because the control panel sparked, and then an electronic voice said, ?Locking system override. Unlocking all cells.?
Jessica?s cell opened and she stepped out, light-headed.
?Whoa?? She muttered.
Ziek was looking at her with curios eyes. ?What did you just do? That?s something that the Daeleons can do??
?I?I don?t know? I've never done anything like that before.? Jessica stammered, looking scared.
Ziek shook his head. ?It doesn't matter now, we need to move fast. Daeleons have invaded the hideout.? He grabbed her hand and took off, leading her through a maze of debris.
?Ziek, what do you mean the Daeleons invaded? How is that even possible?? Jessica didn't understand what she was seeing.
?I don?t know?? Ziek admitted.
?Of course you don?t. You?re too stupid to understand?just like your idiot parents, Ezekiel.? A male voice said from behind Ziek.
Ziek turned to see Daniel Luther, ex-operative of the Resistance.
?What are you doing here?? Ziek asked, eyes wide. ?You died!?
Daniel laughed. ?Is that what you all thought? That I died at the hands of the Daeleons??
?They? didn't kill you?? Ziek was in shock.
?No, you fool. They won?t kill good sources of information. Oh, by the way?the hybrid goes with me.? Daniel smiled wickedly.
?Hybrid? What are you talking about?? Ziek glared at the tall, blonde man.
?The girl behind you?Jessica, I think her name is. You do know she isn't human, don?t you?? There was a dark glint in the man?s eyes, something almost insane-looking.
?What are babbling about? Of course she?s human!? Ziek yelled, getting mad. Jessica was just standing there, remembering what Mary and Methuselah had said. Now this guy she didn't know was saying she wasn't human. What did it all mean?
?That?s enough, Luther. Just get my sister so we can get out of here. The longer we stay, the more organized the Resistance will become, and then we?ll be done for.? James said, walking up to Daniel.
?Oh very well?I just wanted a little fun. All right, Ezekiel, playtime is over. Hand over the girl.? Daniel spat.
?What are you doing here, James? Where did you go?? Ziek asked.
?That?s really none of your business. Give me my sister and we?ll all leave peacefully.? James replied.
?Brother?? Jessica looked confused. ?What?s going on??
?Shut up.? James spat. ?I?m not your brother.?
Jessica looked hurt. ?What are you talking about? Of course you?re my brother! I don?t understand-?
?I am no brother to a monster! You?re not human! You?re a half-breed, a hybrid, whatever you want to call it!? James began to yell. ?Jasmine and Jason Caenor created you, and I will destroy you!?
Jessica stood there, shocked. ?You?re not making any sense.? She whispered. ?Who are you??
At that, James suddenly grinned. It was a mocking grin. In the distance, another blast sounded, shaking the whole hideout. James stood motionless, staring at Jessica almost hungrily.
?You want to know who I am?? He asked softly. ?I am James Caenor, the one who handed the Resistance over to the Daeleons.?

* * * *

Jessica, standing in the midst of the chaos of the hideout, stared in shock at her brother.
?You?you sold us out. How could you?! We trusted you!? the young girl was close to tears. Her emerald eyes shone brightly.
James laughed. ?You mean your really haven?t figured it out yet, Jessica?? His laughter was mocking, scornful. ?You really don?t know??
Jessica stared at him, confused. ?What are you talking about?? she cried as she shook her head.
?I sold out not only the Resistance, but also our parents. Yes, that?s right, Jessica. It?s my fault our parents are dead. I told the Daeleons where to find them, how to get past security, everything. Don?t believe me? That?s fine. It won?t matter when you?re dead too.? His eyes were locked into hers, paralyzing her mind with fear.
?No?no! I?I don?t believe you! You wouldn't sell us out, or our parents.? Jessica shook her head, eyes blazing green. ?You promised you?d keep me safe.? She whispered.
?Like I said, I don?t care whether you believe me or not, you?ll soon be too dead to worry about. Besides, I only said that to get you to trust me.? James told her smugly.
?Why?? She whispered the question, staring at her feet. She no longer took any notice of what went on around her. Rather, she was acutely aware of what was going on without actually registering it with her senses. All her senses were trained on her brother.
?Because the Daeleons have won?look around you. They won the day they arrived. They?cannot be beat.? James said with an odd look on his face.
?So you just want to be on the winning side, is that it?? Jessica asked softly.
?Ah, now you see. That?s it exactly.? James smiled. ?At least it means I?ll stay alive. I have no worries of becoming an egg host. I?m too important, you see??
?But?we were captured. The Daeleons captured you too.? Jessica said softly.
?It was a ruse?they were supposed to capture you and you alone. But then those daft Resistance members showed up. You weren't supposed to escape. The poison arrows were supposed to hit you too, to keep you from escaping. Me getting poisoned wasn't part of the plan. But it matters not in the end. After all, I benefited from this anyway. I handed the last stronghold of the humans over to the Daeleons. All the better for me in the end.? James replied cruelly.
The longer her brother talked, the brighter Jessica?s eyes got, until they were actually glowing green. She began to tremble all over, almost like she was scared. But her voice showed nothing of being afraid.
?You?will?pay?? Jessica?s voice came out deep and rough, like she was having trouble speaking. An unnameable energy surged from her, and she was?changing. All over, her skin was turning an eerie green color, in three different shades. Her fingernails elongated and sharpened, like claws. Her hair became thicker and coarser, and her canines sharpened. The muscles in her legs rippled, twisting beneath her skin. Her legs reshaped themselves into reptilian-like legs, making her stand over six feet tall. Jessica?s arms were replaced by long, spine studded stick arms, reaching almost four feet in length.
?So this is what you really look like.? James commented, amused. ?I wonder what attributes of the Daeleons you carry, besides their appearance.? His eyes glowed with the possibility of experimenting on his sister.
?You want to find out?? Jessica asked menacingly. She had no idea what had happened to her, but she knew she was powerful. She was looking at everything in a new light. Her eyesight was amazing. All of her senses had increased, and it seemed by a lot. She could hear the individual footsteps of every single being in the hideout, and each breath being taken.
?Hmm?it seems I've underestimated you. I truly didn't think you?d transform so soon. I guess it must have been the shock of learning your brother betrayed you, eh? Did it really surprise you that much?? James asked in a fiendish tone.
Jessica growled low in her throat, ?I trusted you?you were the only family I had left! Of course it surprised me, shocked me. I never believed you could be so heartless.?
?You trusted me?well, I hope I've taught you a valuable lesson, Jessica. You can?t trust anyone. Especially those you call ?family?.? James said scornfully. He turned to Luther. ?All right, Luther, bag her and let?s get out of here. We've wasted enough time as it is.?
Luther, who had been staring open-mouthed at Jessica, said slowly, ?Me, sir??
?Yes you. We already discussed this. You grab her.? James said with an annoyed tone.
?Y-yes, sir.? The man gulped. This girl was the last thing he wanted to try and bag. She was so?alien, so powerful. Luther held up his stun gun. Jessica?s eyes watched his every move. He shot, and she held up a hand. Immediately, the shock wave sent out by the gun pulsed through the air, but when it reached Jessica, it avoided her, like it wasn't able to touch her.
?What?? Luther stuttered.
?What?are you?? Ziek finally spoke, staring wide-eyed at Jessica, looking shocked and scared.
Jessica turned a blazing emerald eye on her new-found friend, but it was different from Jessica?s gentle green gaze. It was dark and menacing. Ziek shuddered.
?Interesting?unlike the Daeleons, you can stop stun waves?that?s beyond their capabilities?so why are you able to do that?? James? grin grew more and more smug as he watched his sister. He didn't seem the least bit interested in actually capturing Jessica. It was like he just wanted to study her.

Like an experiment!!

That was what ran through Jessica?s mind as she looked into the eyes of her older brother.
Our parents experimented on me! Like some kind of lab rat? She shuddered, wondering if that was all she ever was to them, a lab test. Was all the love they gave her simply a lie?

As Jessica thought all this through, something inside of her snapped, and she attacked, claws outstretched. James? eyes widened as she did so, his own genetic enhancements kicking in. He swerved to the side, green marks slowly crawling their way up his face from the base of his head. He didn't have the same eyes as Jessica, and his movements were slower, evident by the five claw marks he received on his left arm.
James glared at her. ?Very impressive.? His eyes flashed a crimson color, and then he froze. The green veins running up his face toward his eyes throbbed, so much it was visible. A green fluid ran from the corner of James? mouth, and a groan escaped his throat. Luther ran forward and caught his young boss as he fell forward.

?Hm?so it is true. James? body can?t handle the blood. It?s slowly killing him from the inside.? Daniel muttered to himself.
Jessica?s sensitive ears caught the murmur. ?What do you mean?? She shot at the man.
Luther grinned. ?See if this doesn?t give you any answers. We were supposed to retrieve this along with you, but this book will only hinder my own plans.? Luther threw a small, brown leather book at her, which she caught with ease.
?What is this??
?Read it and find out.? Luther?s body glimmered, and with James, he disappeared.
As Jessica looked at the book, she could hear the Daeleons retreating. Yelling was heard from the Resistance members. Jessica was hearing everything, but hearing nothing. Her entire focus was on the title of the book.
?The Experimentation Diary of Jasmine Caenor.? Jessica muttered to herself. Not realizing it, Jessica had begun to calm down, and along with it, she was reverting back to her human form.
Ziek was watching from afar, still leery on what he saw. It was true. Jessica wasn?t human. But?it didn?t matter. She was still his friend. But even though he told himself that, he was still trembling. She had been so powerful, and for some reason, it had made him feel weak, and that was something Ziek didn?t like. It was like she didn?t need him anymore.
Ziek shook his head. They had barely known each other three weeks. She didn?t need him anymore than she need her good-for-nothing brother. It was just something he would have to realize.

* * * *

The reconstruction didn?t take as long as Jessica had thought it would. Everyone told her that she didn?t have to help them, but she did it anyway. It was what was keeping her sane. The title of the diary intrigued her, but she was also afraid of what she would find out.
Jessica was also preoccupied by the fact that Ziek was avoiding her. Unfortunately, she knew why, but was still unable to fix it. For now, Jessica decided to put it from her mind.
Two weeks after the attack and James? defection, Jessica finally picked up her mothers? diary. After skimming through some of the entries, she wasn?t liking what she found.

June 12th, 2120
It?s been six months since the Daeleons invaded. My husband and I have been trying to find a way to create a ?human weapon? of sorts to use against the invaders. I have thought that if maybe we combine the D.N.A. of a Daeleon to a human, perhaps the result would be strong enough to take on the Daeleons. After all, guns and tasers have no effect on them. The Daeleon?s mind power is too great. Their psychic power is incredible. I think that I will run this idea by my husband. Perhaps I will even start experimenting on rats beforehand. I shall decide over dinner.

July 10th, 2120
Dying. My son is dying. What on earth am I going to do? Our experiment was a complete failure. James? body violently rejected the Daeleon?s poison. The venom is destroying the white blood cells, slowly killing my son before my very eyes. I must find a cure. I have to. I can?t lose my son. I won?t. The experiment has failed. There must be something that we?re missing?what could it be? It doesn?t matter right now; we must focus on saving James.

July 24th, 2120
We finally were able to cure James. I think we finally found the problem as well. The Daeleon?s blood type is A+. James? blood type is O+. That?s why his body rejected the poison. The poison didn?t recognize the blood. We were able to make an antidote for James, but it?s not continuous. It must be administered every four months. We must keep a close eye on our son until we can find a permanent cure.

August 3rd, 2120
How on earth Jason could even suggest that we experiment on our daughter, I have no idea. We almost lost our son, and now he wants to gamble the life of Jessica? No. I won?t do it. I won?t. He says everything will be fine. How does he know? Just because her blood type is A+, doesn?t mean her body won?t react the same way that James? did. No. I simply will not allow it.

April 15th, 2121
I cannot believe that I let Jason talk me into experimenting on Jessica. I?m terrified that this will fail again. Her body is reacting the same way that her brother?s did. Oh, I hope that this works. We still have not found a permanent cure for James, and it?s been almost a year since his failure. Jessica, please survive. I don?t know what I would do if you?

May 8th, 2121
She has done it! She has survived. My litter girl triumphed! What?s more, the experiment was a success! Oh, what a wonderful day! I?m so happy and so excited! Everything that Jason and I have strived for has become reality. Our daughter, Jessica, has become the human weapon that we desired. We combined the blood and poison of a common green Daeleon, one of the Guard, who are red, and the blood and poison of the Emperor himself, and injected it directly into Jessica?s bloodstream. The royal ones are blue. The Emperor has died as a result of some virus attacking him. We still do not know what it was. We may never know. His disappearance caused much uproar in the Daeleon community, and we have kept on the down low. Still, this is a day for celebration.

May 10th, 2121
Jason and I have decided that James and Jessica?s memories should be erased until they are old enough to know the truth. I agree that it is a smart decision. After all, they are still children. They should be able to live in what peace is available in this day and age.

June 24th, 2121
We appear to have a problem with Jessica. While her powers are appearing to remain dormant, she will have periodic melt-downs. Because of these, we have had to replace most of the house more than once. However, she does not know that it is her fault. I have advocated for keeping her memory erased. However, Jason seems keen on letting James know what is happening to his sister. I suppose I understand why. If anything were to happen to myself and Jason, James would be able to take care of his little sister until she is ready to learn her powers.


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